Mound Systems

mound 2Newly formed idea of leaching mounds are used in areas with high ground water, shallow soils over bedrock or soils that permeate either too fast or slow.

Mound Systems are very much suitable for our area in this part of the state, and they do a good job treating effluent if they are designed, installed, used and maintained properly.

Mound Systems are more complex and require more maintenance than a conventional drain field.  Studies have shown that without a maintenance program, Mound Systems have failed twice as often than conventional drain fields or about 40% of Mounds had poor performance of effectively treating wastewater.

Homeowners are strongly advised to contract the services of a certified professional to check the system on a regular basis during the first year after construction of the unit, or during the switch of ownership, or at least once a year.

4 Aces can routinely check the system to make sure it is working correctly and is adjusted as needed.

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