Mound Systems

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The mound is a drainfield that is raised above the natural soil surface in a specific sand fill material. Within the sand fill is a gravel-filled bed with a network of small diameter pipes.

Septic tank effluent is pumped through the pipes in controlled doses to insure uniform distribution throughout the bed. The effluent leaves the pipes under low pressure through small diameter holes, and trickles downward through the gravel and into the sand. Treatment of the effluent occurs as it moves through the sand and into the natural soil.

Every new mound is required to have a designated replacement area. This area is similar to the size of your existing mound. It must be maintained should the existing system need an addition or repair.

Proper Care Includes:

  • Knowing where your system and replacement area are located and protecting them. Before you plant a garden, construct a building, or install a pool, check the location of your system and replacement area.
  • Practicing water conservation and balancing your water use throughout the week to keep from overloading the system. The more wastewater you produce, the more the mound must treat and dispose.
  • Diverting water from surfaces such as roofs, driveways, or patios away from the mound and replacement area. The entire mound is graded to provide for runoff.  Place structures, ditches, and driveways far enough away so that water movement from the mound is not disrupted.
  • Keeping traffic, such as vehicles, heavy equipment, or livestock off your mound and replacement area. The pressure can compact the soil or damage pipes.
  • Landscaping your mound properly. Do not place impermeable materials over your mound or replacement area. Materials such as concrete or plastic reduce evaporation and the supply of oxygen to the soil needed for proper effluent treatment. Grass is the best cover for the mound.
  • Inspecting the mound and downslope areas for odors, wet spots, or surfacing sewage periodically. Check your system’s inspection pipes regularly to see if there is a liquid level continually over 6 inches. This may be an early indication of a problem.

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