Holding Tanks

While holding tanks are not recommended for installation on newly developed lots, there are some developed lots which do not have adequate area for a sewage treatment system.

In some instances, a holding tank may be the only alternative. The figure below shows a schematic diagram of a holding tank, together with the tank capacity as recommended by Chapter 7080.  Holding tanks are constructed of the same materials and by the same procedures as septic tanks.

For a single family dwelling, not located in a flood plain, holding tank capacity should be 1000 gallons or 400 gallons times the number of bedrooms whichever is greatest. In flood plain areas, the capacity is 100 times the number of bedrooms, times the number of days the site is flooded during a ten-year flood, or 1000 gallons, whichever is greater. Information regarding the number of days of flooding is available from the 100-year hydrograph or by contacting the local planning and zoning agency.

For other establishments, the capacity should be based on measured flow rates or estimated flow rates. The tank capacity should be at least five times the average design flow.

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