Conventional Septic Services

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Waste water leaves the house and enters the septic tank. The septic tank performs two functions.

First, it acts as a holding tank and allows the solids to settle-out. The heavier solids sink to the bottom forming the sludge layer, the lighter solids, fats, oils, grease, etc., rise to the surface and form the scum layer. The relatively clear layer in the middle is called effluent.

Second, naturally occurring anaerobic bacteria begin breaking down the solids in size and destroying the pathogens. After the treatment process is started in the septic tank the effluent enters the soil treatment phase of the process (baffles prevent the larger floating solids from entering the drainfield).

The soil treatment system, more commonly called the drainfield, is comprised of distribution pipe laid in a trench partially filled with gravel and covered with topsoil.As the effluent enters the drainfield it percolates through the gravel bed where a large portion of the pathogens are destroyed. Pockets of oxygen created by the uneven shape of the gravel allow the more efficient aerobic bacteria to exist. As the effluent exits the drainfield the natural soil completes the treatment process. By the time the effluent has traveled 2-3 feet through the soil all the remaining pathogens have been destroyed and water is drinking quality.

The cleaning process continues as the water migrates through the soil. Phosphorus and nitrogen are utilized by the vegetative life covering the drainfield and chemically changed in the soil. A large portion of the moisture is returned to the atmosphere through evaporation (evapotranspiration).

Contrary to what most people and community leaders believe, septic systems are one of the best choices for treating household wastewater, in most cases they are a better option financially and environmentally than a sewage treatment facility. But as with anything they must be used correctly and properly maintained.

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